The Vision of the School of Kingdom Citizenship

The School of Kingdom Citizenship (GoCitizen) seeks to attract, educate, and equip concerned citizens with biblical truths integral to building and maintaining societies founded upon transcendent values, principle-based tenets, strategic public policies, and results-driven feedback. The school is oriented toward individuals who carry a deep concern for truth, justice, sustainability, and contributing to the discipling of nations with a Kingdom perspective. The curriculum focuses on Twelve Master Principles, jurisdictional authority and responsibility, the pillars of worldview, and cultural transformation. Based in the United States, GoCitizen provides education to a global community of learners.

GoCitizen combines the convenience of online learning with personal facilitation and relational group interaction. This unique educational experience integrates the discovery of scriptural building patterns and the application of these life-changing, sustainable truths into a compact educational experience that fits into daily life. Students leave the course encouraged to elicit the participation of others to virally impact the world with Kingdom truth and transformation. An official transcript is available to graduates upon completion of the school and can be submitted to universities and institutions of higher learning for units of credit.

GoCitizen delivers results that extend far beyond your time in the school; it will change your thinking—preparing you for a lifelong trajectory of continued growth, leadership, critical thinking, service, and problem solving that will bring ongoing fruit to you and to all whom God has called you in the discipling of nations.


The School of Kingdom Citizenship adheres to the Statement of Faith of our parent organization, GoStrategic.
For more information, call the office at 707.578.7700 or email