The purpose of the School of Kingdom Citizenship is to attract, educate, and equip concerned citizens with biblical truths integral to building and maintaining societies founded upon transcendent values, principle-based tenets, and strategic public policies. The school is oriented toward individuals who carry a deep concern for truth, justice, sustainability, and contributing to the discipling of nations with a Kingdom perspective. The curriculum focuses on Twelve Master Principles, jurisdictional authority and responsibility, the pillars of worldview, and cultural transformation.

The GoCitizen course follows God’s model of building intentionally, strategically, and relationally with results-driven feedback. The school aids in the discovery of scriptural building patterns and the application of these life-changing, sustainable truths with guidance from the group facilitator. Students are encouraged to elicit the participation of others to virally impact the world with Kingdom truth and transformation. The School of Kingdom Citizenship empowers people to think biblically, live strategically, and lead effectively toward the goal of discipling nations.

Course Goals:

  1. Sharpening worldview: GoCitizen educates on the pillars of worldview and foundations of social structures that bring true empowerment and sustainable prosperity. The curriculum is based in key elements of critical thinking, presuppositional thinking, and the understanding of jurisdictions and axiomatic truth.
  2. Defining responsibilities: GoCitizen contributes to the discipling of the nations as a core responsibility and recognizes the call for dual citizenship of both heaven and earth.
  3. Understanding the 12 Master Principles: GoCitizen convincingly makes the case for principle-based, strategic public policy through the understanding that core concepts, axioms, and master principles shared in social organizations build communities and create public policy directives.
  4. Developing a wholistic approach: GoCitizen teaches individuals to apply truths and strategies on a personal level as a building block to corporate understanding.
  5. Understanding Transformation: GoCitizen recognizes the inextricably linked principles of transformation in personal and corporate application and as a lifelong journey that must be continually modeled.
  6. Enlisting for Equipping: GoCitizen seeks to enlist participation in the further equipping of others.

The School of Kingdom Citizenship adheres to the Statement of Faith of our parent organization, GoStrategic.