GoCitizen Course Enrollment:

Enrollment Opens Fall 2024

Spouse/Family Rate

A person may enroll in the same course as their spouse or household family member (e.g. sibling/parent), in either the same year or a different year, for a minimal administrative fee of $100 for the second person (the first person must have paid full tuition rate). Physical curriculum materials are shared, or you may purchase a second set at additional cost. For 3 or more family members, please contact the office for rates.

Discounted Group Rates

Special group rates are available based on bulk enrollment. Please contact the office to request the “Discounted Group-Rate Agreement” document.

Repeat Enrollment Rate

A student who repeats enrollment of a course, after previous failing or dropping the course, may re-enroll at the discounted repeat enrollment rate of $100 plus unpaid tuition balance, if applicable.

Auditor Rate

The $50 auditor rate is available to GoCitizen graduates who wish to audit (attend informally, not for academic credit) a course they have previously received completion credit for. Click for Auditor Rate

Late Registration Fee

Enrollment past course start is subject to review and a $50 late fee for the additional administrative costs.

Late/Declined Payments

A fee of $10 will be added to late/declined tuition payments. Should your credit/debit card be replaced, please provide the office with updated payment info before your scheduled payment date.

Financial Aid

Payment plans are available for all students in both years of the course. Students enrolling in GoCitizen200 are eligible to apply for a scholarship which may cover up to 50% of tuition. Click for More Info

School Refund Policy

Please email the office at info@gostrategic.org or call 707-578-7700.